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Flowers by Yasmine

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Floral Design Inspired by the French Countryside

Founded by Yasmine Karrenberg, Flowers by Yasmine is a floral design firm specializing in arrangements for events, home delivery, retail styling and photoshoots. Yasmine draws inspiration from memories of the French countryside and her three daughters.

You’ll find her work embodies both old-world nostalgia and youthful optimism.



Flowers by Yasmine


  • Web Design 

  • Copywriting

  • Branding 

  • Photography

  • Art Direction & Styling

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Flowers by Yasmine is a one-woman operation, so we made her logo feel fittingly personal by incorporating her own script. This is just how she’d write her name, if scribbling it down on a notepad.

Soft, romantic and feminine.

Drawing inspiration from Yasmine’s work, we kept the design of her collateral centered on a color palette of peaches, pastel pinks and soft greens.

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Website Design

Producing an e-commerce-driven web design was key to helping Yasmine reach new customers through a refreshed digital marketing strategy. We conceptualized and created the content, art directing two photo shoots: one focusing on lifestyle imagery, and one capturing products including both her floral arrangements and offerings like candles, vases, soaps and ceramics.

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Content Creation & Art Direction

When art directing her lookbook and product photography, a consistent and strong aesthetic was critical to give prospective clients an understanding of her whimsical, playful style.