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Best Bar in the World

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A new hospitality company from the team behind the World’s Best Bar

Based on our long-standing relationship with Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon of New York bars,The Dead Rabbit and BlackTail, Crown Creative was approached to create branding, website and video content for their new hospitality agency.

Combining both bars into one parent company, brand and ever-growing industry empire, Best Bar in the World group. 



Best Bar in the World


  • Branding & Design

  • Creative Direction

  • Web Design

  • Videography

Brand Development:

Crown Creative created branding from scratch and took inspiration from world brand leaders and experts. 

We chose a custom typeface which is strong, durable and modern. 

The brand logo is unapologetically bold and unmistakably clear - it does what it says on the tin and emulates confidence and expertise. 

Secondary logos may be used on elements that need to clearly represent the group’s identity and epitomizing its values and ethos - diversity and willingness to adapt and change. 



The colors are simple - monochrome - yet mysterious, confident, powerful and authoritative. They act as a platform for a business that is hard-working and passion-driven. 

All of these elements mesh together to show how the combination of two drinks industry world leaders and two fantastic bars use their knowledge, skills and expertise to create a world-class hospitality agency. 

The Best Bar in the World logotype is the brands most recognizable visual asset and must always be implemented consistently.

Bold and strong, yet with characteristics and quirks, the primary logo emulates confidence and expertise. It’s simple yet bold letterforms creates a platform for a business that is world- class, hard-working and passion-driven.


Digital Development

Designing and developing a fully responsive website was of vital importance to the launch of this new hospitality agency. 

The website design matches the new brand aesthetic - it is confident, bold, mysterious, and powerful.Mesmerizing video landing pages engages and draws site visitors into the spaces and shares the story of the Best Bar in the World group. 

Custom and interactive career application pages provide an authentic experience to prospective employees and allows internal teams to effectively monitor and communicate with applicants.


Content Creation & Videography

Video was crucial to the visual identity of Best Bar in the World and so our team worked on everything from initial storyboard, styling and scripting to interviewing, voiceovers and full edits. 

The result? Four multi-purpose videos for overall brand, individual bars and new hire induction

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